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Уход Uriah'a Duffy и Chris'a Frazier'a
BBC Radio Tracks 1969-1970 : Invasion Unlimited : IU 9429-1 : Germany : 1994 : 1CD
Tracks :
Hey Joe (14/1/69)
Emmaretta (14/1/69)
Wring That Neck (14/1/69)
Emmaretta (11/2/69)
Lalena (24/6/69)
The Painter (24/6/69)
Ricochet (11/8/69)
Child In Time (25/9/69)
Jam Stew (31/10/69)
Speed King (31/10/69)
Bloodsucker (21/4/70)
Into The Fire (no date)
No No No (no date)
Kneel And Pray (11/8/69) (not listed)
The recording dates which are given in brackets are taken from the CD cover, but are unconfirmed so far.
A few edits are here and there along with some DJ intros. Wring That Neck cuts off abruptly early in Ritchie's solo; No No No is the same as on Ritchie Blackmore's Rock Profile.
Ricochet is actually Kneel And Pray, which appears in a soundwise better version again as the last track, which is not listed on the cover.
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