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Уход Uriah'a Duffy и Chris'a Frazier'a

Hard As A Rock

A rolling rock, electric shocks
She gives a licking that doesn't stop
She lights them up, push you around
Smoking rings going round and round
Her hot potatoes will elevate you
Her bad behavior will leave you standing proud
I'm Hard As A Rock

Hard As A Rock
Well it's harder than a rock

The lightning rod striking hard
It's going to hit you like the Rushmore rock
No nicotine and no pipe dreams
So low and dirty, it's down right mean
Hell elevator, yeah it'll see you later
No I ain't gonna take it
Listen, I'm bursting out
I'm Hard As A Rock

Hard As A Rock
Harder than a rock
Hard As A Rock
I'm getting harder, yeah

Harder than a rock
Well I'm harder than a rock
Hard As A Rock
Baby, I'm harder than a rock
Yeah, Hard As A Rock

Well I'm harder, harder, harder
Harder than a rcok

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