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Уход Uriah'a Duffy и Chris'a Frazier'a

Go Zone

Once I need relaxation
Need to get some r'n'r
(That's rest and recreation)
Don't need no vacation
Don't need to go that far
(I got better things to do with my money)
Don't need no private eye
Forget the FBI
Cause when the beaver sings
Look out, I'm closing in

In the Go Zone, ready to fly
In the Go Zone, standing up high
In the Go Zone, down on the block
In the Go Zone, ready to rock
Down, down, down in the Go Zone

Got to have my candy
Got to have my sugar sweet
(I wanna give you a treat)
Giving you directions
You don't have to use your feet
(We're on the same street baby)
You've got to travel south
South of my hungry mouth
And there you'll find a friend

What are you gonna find down there?
There ain't no red light district

Get yourself a ticket to the-

In the Go Zone, leave me to die
In the Go Zone, standing up high
In the Go Zone, down on the block
Go Zone, ready to rock
Down, down, down, in the Go Zone

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