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Уход Uriah'a Duffy и Chris'a Frazier'a

Shake Your Foundations

See me leaning on the bar
I got my head in a whikey jar
Feeling good cause the city's alive
I'm getting ready to rock and jive
I get up and I slip across the floor
You wanna come and I'll meet you at the door
No one can stop us cause we're feeling too right
We're gonna feel our way around tonight
Allright, allright

Aye, aye, oh, Shake Your Foundations
Aye,aye, oh, shake it to the floor
Aye, aye, oh, Shake Your Foundations
Aye, aye, oh, shake it

I was taking no liberties
She's getting hotter off the heat on me
I was oilin', she was slick
Licking off the sweat on her favorite trick
She cried help me, help me please
Tame this animal, help me to breathe
I said no, no way
You gotta come with me all of the way
OK, I'll play

We had the night, we had the time
She had the sugar and I had the wine
Took my hand, shook me to the core
Told her not to touch, but she was coming back for more
You know what for

Aye, aye, aye, aye,

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