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Уход Uriah'a Duffy и Chris'a Frazier'a

September 1985 to December 1986



People involved
Don Airey (kbr); Mark Andes (bss); Denny Carmassi (drm); Bill Cuomo (kbr); David Coverdale (vcl); Ainsley Dunbar (drm); Dan Huff (gtr); Neil Murray (bss); John Sykes (gtr); Adrian Vandenberg (gtr).

With Dunsbar, Murray and Sykes, Coverdale started to record some material beginning already in September 1985. Unfortunately, he was immobilized by some or other illness and had to postpone any future singing career. He resumed recordings in August 1986, at which time Sykes and Murray had been fired. Various sessioners and other temporary solutions (Airey, Andes, Carmassi, Cuomo, Huff, Vandenberg) were called in to contribute the last bits and pieces to the long-delayed album. It was then finished in late 1986 and early 1987. (Note that the album was released under several names, and with different track lists.)

Albums & singles
1987 [lp] : UK March 1987 EMI 064-240737-1
Serpens Albus [pic lp] : UK March? 1987 EMI EMC P 3528
1987/Whitesnake [cd] : US March 1987 Geffen
Whitesnake [cd] : Canada March 1987 Geffen GEFMD-24099
Serpens Albus [cd] : Japan 1987
1987 [cd] : UK 1987 EMI 7467022 (CDEMS 1531)
1987 [lp] : Yugoslavia 1987 EMI Jugoton LSEMI 73195
1987 [mc] : Yugoslavia 1987 EMI Jugoton CAEMI 9235
The Back To Back Collection (= 1987 & Slip Of The Tongue) [2cd] : France August 2000 Axe Killer
Still Of The Night/Here I Go Again : UK April 1987 EMI 5606
Still Of The Night/Here I Go Again [white lp] : UK April 1987 EMIW 5606
Still Of The Night [ep] : UK April 1987 EMI K 060 20-1721-6
Still Of The Night [white ep] : UK 1987 EMI Records 12-EMW3
Still Of The Night [ep] : US April 1987 Geffen 0-20694
Still Of The Night [pic ep] : UK 1987 EMI Records 12EMIP-5606
Here I Go Again/Is This Love : Japan 1987 Geffen/Sony 07SP1046
Here I Go Again Edit/Slide It In (US Mix) : UK 1987 EMI 202087-7
Here I Go Again/Guilty Of Love 1984 [10" white ep] : UK 1987 EMI 10 EM 35
Here I Go Again Edit [ep] : US 1987 Geffen 20695-0
Here I Go Again [ep] : UK 1987 EMI 202088-6
Is This Love Edit/Standing In The Shadows 1987 : UK 1987 EMI 201847-7
Is This Love Edit [ep] : UK 1987 EMI 201848-6
Is This Love/Sweet Lady Luck : Europe 1994 EMI 7243-8-81501-2-5
Is This Love/Bad Boys : Japan 1987 Geffen/Sony 10SP1066
Give Me All Your Love/Straight For Your Heart : US March 1988 Geffen Records 9-28103-7
Give Me All Your Love [ep] : UK March 1988 EMI 12 EM 23
Give Me All Your Love [pic ep + poster] : UK 1988 EMI Records 12EMP23
Give Me All Your Love [white ep] : UK 1988 EMI Records 12EMW23
Is This Love/Sweet Lady Luck : Europe 1994 EMI 7243-8-81501-2-5

Material from above appears on...
Whitesnake - Best [lp] : Greece 1987 EMI Records 0627485481
Whitesnale Greatest Hits 1984-1990 [cd/lp] : Europe 1994 EMI Records/Canada 1994 Geffen GEFMD-24620
Whitesnake's Greatest Hits [mc; same as above] : UK 1994 EMI 7243 8 30029 4 8

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