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Уход Uriah'a Duffy и Chris'a Frazier'a
August 1979 to January 1982


People involved
David Coverdale (vcl); Jon Lord (kbr); Bernie Marsden (gtr); Micky Moody (gtr); Neil Murray (bss); Ian Paice (drm).

Headed the Reading Festival in August 1979 [and 1980?] and the Donington in 1981 after which Whitesnake took a break for four weeks. After regaining powers, they went into the studio in October, did a short European tour in November and then split. The album Saints An' Sinners was actually furnished somewhat during September before final release; i.e. Moody and later newcomer Galley put on some extra backing vocals.

Albums & singles
Ready An' Willing [lp] : UK March 1980 Liberty 064-82904
Ready An' Willing [lp] : US 1980 Mirage WTG19276
Ready An' Willing [cd] : Europe 19-- EMI 0777-7-52054-2-8 (CDEMS-1526)
Ready An' Willing [cd] : Japan 199- Polydor POCP-1822
Ready An' Willing [cd] : France 2000 Axe Head
Fool For Your Loving/Mean Business/Don't Mess With Me : UK 1980 Liberty BP 352
Ready An' Willing/Nighthawk/We Wish You Well : UK 1980 Liberty BP 363
Live... In The Heart Of The City [2lp] : UK October 1980 Liberty 138-83023/4
Live... In The Heart Of The City [2lp] : Germany 1980 Liberty 1c064-83023/4
Live... In The Heart Of The City [2lp] : France 1980 Underdog Carrere CA721-2-67637
Live... In The Heart Of The City [cd] : Europe 19-- EMI CDM 7-97926-2 (CDEMS-1525)
Live... In The Heart Of The City [cd] : Canada 1987 Geffen GEFMD-24168
Live... In The Heart Of The City [cd] : Japan 199- Polydor POCP-1823
Ain't No Love In The Heart Of The City (Edit)/Take Me With You : UK 1980 Sunburst/Liberty BP381
Ain't No Love In The Heart Of The City (Edit)/Take Me With You [ep] : UK 1980 Liberty 12BP381
Come An' Get It [lp] : UK April 1981 Liberty 062-83134
Come An' Get It [lp] : Germany 1981 Liberty 1c064-83134
Reading Festival Vol. I [2lp] : UK 1982 Mean records MNLP82
Come An' Get It [cd] : Canada 1987 Geffen GEFMD-24167
Come An' Get It [cd] : UK 199-? EMI Records CDEMS-1528
Come An' Get It [cd] : Japan 199- Polydor POCP-1824
Don't Break My Heart Again/Child Of Babyblon : UK 1981 Liberty BP395
Saints An' Sinners [lp] : UK Nov 1982 Liberty
Saints An' Sinners [lp] : Germany 1982 Liberty 1c064-83350
Saints An' Sinners [pic lp] : UK 198- Sunburst/Liberty LBGP-30354B
Saints An' Sinners [cd] : Canada 1987 Geffen GEFMD-24173
Saints An' Sinners [cd] : Europe 19-- EMI CD-FA-3177 (CDEMS-1521)
Saints An' Sinners [cd] : Japan 199- Polydor POCP-1825
Here I Go Again/Bloody Luxury : UK November 1982 Liberty 006-83352
Here I Go Again/Bloody Luxury [pic] : UK November 1982 Liberty BP 416
Bloody Luxury/Here I Go Again : Japan December 1982 Polydor 45-/DM-0068

Material from above appears on...
The Best Of Whitesnake [lp] : France 1982 Carrere 67.892
Whitesnake - Best [lp] : Greece 1987 EMI Records 0627485481

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