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Уход Uriah'a Duffy и Chris'a Frazier'a

Black Night
A single from 1970. Recorded during the "In Rock" sessions.
Now included on the remastered CD of "In Rock".
A      B5     G
0      #      3
2      #      3
2      4      4
2      4      5
0      2      5
#      #      3

 Em          Bm/D        Bm          G

main riff                             Verse riff
------------------------------------- -----------------
------------------------------------- -----------------
---0-----------0---2-0-----------0--- -----------------
-2---2-0---0-2---2-----2---0-2-----2- -----------------
---------2--------------------------- -5-7---7---7---7-
------------------------------------- -----0---0---0---

(1)black night is not right i dont feel so bright dont care to sit tight
(2)dont need a dark tree i dont want a rough sea i cant feel i cant see
(3)black night black night i dont need black night i cant see dark light

maybe ill find on the way down the line that im free

G            E
free to be me

A                G             B5(wah bar)
black night is a long way from home

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