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Уход Uriah'a Duffy и Chris'a Frazier'a

This Time Around
From "Come Taste The Band" 1975.

Em6                   Am6
  The world around us hangs in doubt
Em6                           Am6
  You face a crime that we'll hear about
Em6                     Gmaj7/A        Dmaj7   Ebmaj7
  To pay the cost would never be the same

Em6                    Am6
  Eternal lovers we're not to blame
Em6                          Am6
  There's no mistake there's no refrain
Em6                          Gmaj7/A
  The same surroundings that stood
            Cmaj7       Em7
  Are here again this time

       Bm7   Em7       Bm7          Em7
  As I look around you can't be found
  To lose you I'd rather see
      G       D/F#    Em    D          C
  The endless time of space go passing by
       D     Em
  This time around
C      D     Em
  This time around

Am7        Bm7      C           D
  So look around we all will be found
  In love

Am7               Bm7
  To lose you I'd rather see
       C              D                Em
  The endless time of space go passing by

  C   Em
  Fly by

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