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Уход Uriah'a Duffy и Chris'a Frazier'a

From "Come Taste The Band" 1975.

  E7+9  D  A

         E7+9        D      A   E7+9    D  A
  If you fool around   with the dealer
E7+9            D           A  E7+9
  Remember soon you'll have to pay
D           A   E7+9     D     A  E7+9   D  A
  He'll creep behind you   like a hunter
E7+9            D          A  E7+9
  Just to steal   your soul  away

  (Verse  2)
  I don't want no one messing with my woman
  But just the same, I don't see nobody fooling with you
  If you're snowblind Madonna can hold you
  But if you don't understand
  There is nothing she can do for you

  G   A   G    A       D  E    G  A
  Running from the dealer
  G   A      G   A        D  E
  Trying to save your soul

  I can feel the fire coming from inside you
  I know what it's like, 'cause I've been burned before
  Ain't no mercy In the hunger
  You're a fool to yourself
  'Cause your dealer keeps you begging for more

  G   A   G    A       D  E    G  A
  Running from the dealer
  G   A      G   A        C
  Trying to save your soul

C                             G
  In the beginning all you wanted
D                         Emsus4    Em
  Was the calm before the storm
C                           G
  If the bluebird plays the eagle, yeah
D                                  C
  He finds his song will turn to stone

Repeat: E7+9  D  A

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