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Уход Uriah'a Duffy и Chris'a Frazier'a

Lady Luck
From "Come Taste The Band" 1975.

  B   E   B   E

  She was a juke-box dancer
  A blue eyed gypsy queen
  She always had an answer
  For what she'd done and where she'd been
  A feathercane Lady Midnight
  For all around to see
      Asus4               A
  She spoke with words of wisdom
      Asus4                 A
  And this is what she said to me

  Lady luck
          D                  E
  Come on give me what I want
  Pull me up
       D    E
  Lady luck
       B        E
  If I see you again
         B           E       B  E
  I will call you my friend

  (Verse 2)
  I have always been a sinner
  But then the lady came along
  She stole my heart and turned me 'round
  Till I didn't know right from wrong
  She whispered words of kindness
  I'd never ever heard before
  Golden words and silver tongue
  Till I really couldn't take no more

  Lady luck
  Come on give me what I want
  Pull me up
  Lady luck
  If I see you again
  I will call you my friend

  Come on shake me

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