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Уход Uriah'a Duffy и Chris'a Frazier'a

Soldier of Fortune
From "Stormbringer", 1974

G                                      F                    G               
I have often told you stories about the way I lived the life of a drifter,

D                                      G                                    
waiting for the day, when I'd take your hand and sing you songs,___then maybe

would say,

          G                                         D                       
"Come lay with me and love me" and I would surely stay.


              C                     G              G,F,Eb
But now I feel I'm growing older,___

                F                       Bb     D              G             
       F              Bb
and all the songs that I have sung echo in the distance like the sound of a

        Eb         Eb,D,C                               D                  G
going round._____          I guess I'll always be a solder of fortune.____

(You then repeat the verse and end up at the the chorus which leads to the

                     F             Bb                Eb
I can hear the sound of a winmill going round'._____

  C                      D                     G
I guess I'll always be a solder of fortune,___

  Eb                    D                    G
I guess I'll always be a Solder Of  Fortune._______

Notes: This my favorite ballad of all my favorite band of all
the G chord has an A# instead of a B, so don't forget that.....

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